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We understand the meaning of cleanliness and surely know our work very well.We provide professional

cleaning services in commercial kitchen cleaning Sydney, office cleaning, home cleaning and window cleaning services, within the given time.

Food Manufacturing

Few industries have stricter standards that the food manufacturing industry.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and industrial Cleaning projects are large scale, and often involve many specialized services.

Domestic & Office

We understand the important of office cleaning and the issues that face business owners today.

Hospitality & Hotel

Hotel and hospitality venues often require every type of cleaning. We are expert in them.

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H & W Cleaning is a Sydney based professional cleaning company.

We specialize in cleaning for commercial, business, industrial, and hospitality venues – cleaning for professional companies.Your business operates better when everything is neat and in order. A neat office or venue reflects well on your company’s reputation. And staff morale is better when everything is in order. Let us look after the cleaning so you can concentrate on running your company. Our services work outside of business hours, to as not to disrupt your company’s operation. We can make sure your company’s premises are immaculate and in full working order at the beginning of each working day.


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Kitchen Set Up

Of course it is important to keep kitchens clean. This is a hygiene and safety concern. An unclean kitchen will cause problems. But keeping things clean takes time and effort. And most businesses would rather spend their time and effort on running their company. So they employ a professional cleaning group. Yet cleaning can be […]


Protecting carpets You can greatly reduce stains on carpet, especially from liquid spills, if you have the carpet treated with Scotchguard or a similar product. These products are based on Teflon, which reduces the absorption of the liquids. Of course this is not 100% safe, but Scotchguard prevents or reduces the effect of most potential […]