Walls and Cleaning

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There are several type of paint used on office and home walls. The different type of paint finish include gloss, semi-gloss, flat and eggshell. These affect the ease with which a wall can be cleaned.

Gloss Paint

Walls painted with glossy painted tend to be quite easy to clean. The glossy finish does not absorb grease of oil, so most (not all) satins will wipe off. Many years ago all walls were painted with gloss finish paint, but this fell out of favour.

Flat finish Paint

Walls painted with flat paint are popular because they hide minor imperfections in the wall surface. And many people like the way light reflects softly off wall with a flat finish; there are no bright spots, just a neat looking uniform colour. This is especially good with light, pastel tones.

Unfortunately flat paints do not clean well; they tend to soak up oil and grease.

Semi-Gloss finish paint

This falls half way between gloss and flat paint.

Eggshell Finish Paint

This is a more recent alternative over the last generation. It has a similar look to flat paint, which is fashionable, but is almost as easy to clean as gloss paint.

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Public spaces like shopping centres experience a great number of people coming and going. It helps if all the surfaces are easy to clean. Glossy or eggshell paint is good. Avoid carpets and use tiles or hard polished floors. These are easy to clean and give a neat, austere appearance.

Painting Offices

Office will not suffer the same level of human traffic and use as shopping centres or public spaces, or the kind of abuse the homes with young children will suffer. So cleaning needs are moderate. Eggshell paint is a good option for most office space.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Sydney

Kitchens and bathrooms are the exception with office cleaning. With the best will in the world these areas will always suffer spills and accumulate grim, mould and dust, even if the rest of the office remains tidy.

We recommend glossy paint for kitchens or bathrooms, or perhaps easy to clean eggshell. These will often match the d├ęcor of tiles and glossy surfaces found in these areas.