Clean Psychology

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An old Chinese idea said that a messy house showed an inability to move on; clutter was hanging onto the past.

Perhaps this only applies to our own homes or bedrooms, perhaps this applies to any environment that we stay in. We might ask if the mess is only a bad sign for the residents who created the mess, or if the messy environment will have an effect on any visitors or employees?

Studies seem to indicate that an untidy environment is a bad influence. It seems to have a negative effect on motivation and honesty. People who live in disorder for long enough eventually stop caring. Some people might try to fix things at first. But eventually most people stop trying to but their environment into order, and top trying to organize their life as well. This is a hard cycle to get out of.

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Office and industrial space also has a psychological effect on employees and visitors. Employees rarely work to their best ability in a disorganized workspace. Visitors assume the worst about a company that looks disorganized, and are much less likely to use their services. Morale, enthusiasm, motivation, work quality, even safety, are compromised in a disorganized setting.

Of course cleaning takes some effect, especially if you are concerned about hygiene and looking after all the fine details. Asking employees to do the cleaning is often a bad idea. They have more important things to do with their company time. It is more cost effective, and better for morale, if the office cleaning is done by professionals. Employees feel better about work when they come to a clean office each day.

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Start each day with a clean office. Spend time on building the company rather than cleaning the desk and kitchen. Have professional cleaners look after your company facilities.