Kitchen Set Up

Of course it is important to keep kitchens clean. This is a hygiene and safety concern. An unclean kitchen will cause problems.

But keeping things clean takes time and effort. And most businesses would rather spend their time and effort on running their company. So they employ a professional cleaning group.

Yet cleaning can be easier and less time consuming if the kitchens is designed and set up well.

Commercial kitchen Cleaning Sydney

  • Store all items next to the area they are used.
  • Keep commonly used dishes next to their storage cabinet and sink.
  • Have preparation space right next to the stove.
  • Use hooks for storing mugs and other item, freeing up cupboard space.
  • Use a Lazy Susan (turntable) in cupboards in order to make use of back spaces.
  • If you need extra bench space, put a cutting board on top of a draw. This is easy to rinse off after use.
  • Have a knife rack. Magnetic options are good.
  • The most time consuming cleaning task is small spaces and corners. If the kitchen is designed with flat spaces and curves the cleaning is much faster.
  • Have all surfaces made of materials that are easy to wipe down.
  • Put UV / infrared tints on any kitchen windows. This prevents the kitchen from heating up and protects internal surfaces from fading in bright sunlight.
  • Glossy paint was preferred in older kitchens because it was easier to clean; grease wipes away quite easily. Eggshell paint, a more recent invention, is almost as good in this regard.
  • A hood and extractor fan over the stove will remove most of the fumes and grease from the air. This makes cleaning easier as the grease ill not end up spread over the kitchen surface. Some building codes make these hoods mandatory.
  • Some find curtains hard to clean. But small kitchen curtains can be put through the washing machine.
  • Several power points on the wall means there is no need for a power board. This is one less thing to clean. A USB outlet on a power point is sometime useful in the kitchen if you use a device for recipes, or for watching TV.
  • Good, clear lighting makes the kitchen seem cleaner.

Industrial Kitchen Cleaning Sydney

Set up facilities so that they are safe and easy to maintain.

Arrange for regular cleaning so you company can concentrate on business and other important matters.