About Us

H & W Cleaning is a Sydney based professional cleaning company.

We specialize in cleaning for commercial, business, industrial, and hospitality venues – cleaning for professional companies.

Our regular venues include:

  • Office - because clients and staff prefer a neat, clean organized office.
  • Hospitality and Hotel - Because a hotel’s appearance is a large part of its appeal.
  • Domestic Homes – Because you deserve to live in a neat house, and have much better things to do with your time that spending it cleaning.
  • Commercial – the business works with people, and people prefer pleasant surroundings.
  • Food Manufacturing – hygiene standards are very strict. We maintain immaculate conditions for your company.
  • Industrial – Cleanliness is a safety issue in many manufacturing and industrial settings. We keep thing neat for a smoother operation.
  • Educational – students aren’t likely to clean up after themselves. We keep educational facilities in good working order.

Your business operates better when everything is neat and in order. A neat office or venue reflects well on your company’s reputation. And staff morale is better when everything is in order. Let us look after the cleaning so you can concentrate on running your company.

Our services work outside of business hours, to as not to disrupt your company’s operation. We can make sure your company’s premises are immaculate and in full working order at the beginning of each working day.

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