Food Manufacturing

Few industries have stricter standards that the food manufacturing industry. Health concerns are always paramount. Food preparation facilities must be immaculate.

Cleaning in the food industry is no easy task. But the right cleaning is essential, crucial for maintaining the high food safety standards. We hold ourselves to the highest standards.

With our cleaning we ensure:

  • Proper disinfection of surfaces, understanding the factors that decrease the effectiveness of disinfection.
  • Prevent transfer of products between workspaces.
  • Avoid microbial contamination.
  • Increased safety. Clean floors greatly reduce potential problems and accidents.
  • Reduce spoilage and wastage. This is a financial saving
  • Reduce maintenance issues. Spoilage of food and waste take their toll on machinery.
  • Boost Company Morale. Neat, well-functioning facilities make for a better workplace, and your staff will sense this.
  • Make for a smoother company operation. Clean and neat means very little to obstruct the operation of the company business.
  • Compliance with legal standards. You will be held accountable by industry inspection.
  • Boost stakeholder confidence. Customers and shareholders will have more confidence in a neat, well run facility.

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